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The Perfect Salad Dressing Blend, at Your Fingertips

Elemental Kitchen manufactures and markets a line of intelligently designed kitchen tools with smart functions, features, and technologies. The company takes a “fresh” look at food preparation, storage, measuring, convenience, and organizational challenges, and develops innovative product solutions. Elemental Kitchen tasked Nectar with creating a “fresh” approach to measuring and dispensing oil and vinegar—those elemental ingredients in salad dressings.

One Container Dispensing Precise Amounts of Two Liquids

Developing a unique, attractive container that could completely separate oil and vinegar and precisely dispense the perfect amount of each liquid for an individual salad presented a range of challenges. The dispenser had to look good on the kitchen counter and deliver up to one tablespoon of two distinct liquids in a single pour. While initially focused on dispensing oil and vinegar for salads, the design also had to support other kitchen dispensing applications, such as precisely measuring and dispensing liquids for cooking and baking.

Oil, Vinegar, or Both in a Single Pour

Nectar created a unique, innovative squeeze-pump design for the Elemental Kitchen Pump and Measure Oil/Vinegar Dispenser, including segregated graduated containers for each type of liquid. In addition to developing the fully functional, aesthetically pleasing design, Nectar also supplied all production-ready CAD drawings and mechanical layouts; performed structural analysis, design prototyping, and product testing; and coordinated the development of cost estimates for the product.

Precise Oil and Vinegar Dispensing is Elemental

In developing the Elemental Kitchen Pump and Measure Oil/Vinegar Dispenser, Nectar created an exciting addition to the Elemental Kitchen family of products. The product allows users to measure the exact amount of oil and vinegar to add to salads, ensuring that they don’t add too much or too little of these elemental salad dressing ingredients. The dispenser is easy to operate yet precise, and can be used to measure the perfect amount of any two liquids for any cooking, baking, or food preparation application.