Our healthcare experience accelerates
medical device development

Developing innovative medical devices and equipment in a manner that ensures patient safety and product equity often requires an experienced partner like Nectar. Our extensive experience working on numerous device types—including consumable, point-of-care, diagnostic, and surgical devices—can help you navigate the design, engineering, manufacturing, and regulatory challenges associated with medical product development.

Nectar factors the device classification and regulatory path into each project. Our Quality Management System is compliant with ISO 13485 requirements, which facilitates negotiation of the regulatory approval process. Nectar utilizes a six-stage, phase-gate product development process that takes a new medical device from definition, specification, and design, through verification, validation, and transfer to manufacturing. We can assist you in taking medical devices from concept through commercial launch or engage with you at any phase of the process to accelerate development, minimize risk, and increase profitability.

Our passion for innovation is especially evident in our medical device portfolio, which encompasses a variety of first-in-class products, including those that served as a launchpad for entry into new markets.