Our alternative energy experience cultivates
clean, renewable power

Wind. Solar. Hydrogen. Nectar can help you transform these clean, renewable sources of energy into economically viable power systems. From the world’s largest solar panel installation to an innovative public-space recharging station that doubles as a work of art, Nectar’s pioneering work in alternative energy system development demonstrates our passion for innovation.

Our experience can provide you with important insights into clean energy system development. Large systems can carry unique production and transportation challenges, while smaller, public-space systems can involve safety, zoning, and human factors issues. No matter what type of renewable energy system you are developing—wind turbine, solar panel, or hydrogen fuel cell—evaluating operating conditions related to structural loads, wind, temperature, and seismic activity is a must. Nectar’s design analysis capabilities and expertise can simulate and predict system behavior. We can then use those results to optimize designs to achieve the highest levels of performance.

Renewable energy has become the next great area of innovation. Nectar can work with you to develop the renewable energy technology breakthroughs that pave the way to a cleaner, greener tomorrow.