Our award-winning development capabilities
create products consumers want

Creating and launching successful products that consumers want is especially challenging in the modern global economy. With so many choices, today’s consumers have become increasingly selective and discerning. Consumers demand high-quality, durable products that look great and provide value. Nectar has established a track record of delivering innovative, must-have consumer products.

The intended customer’s point of view forms the foundation of our approach to consumer-centric product development. Using contextual research, we capture, distill, and evaluate all aspects of the user experience. We then leverage our findings to fuel industrial design, drive engineering, and optimize manufacturability. We integrate branding as a critical component and evaluate supporting technologies to maximze customer satisfaction, enjoyment, and loyalty.

Our approach has enabled Nectar to deliver the often elusive “it” factor in consumer products that increases demand and sales. Consumer products need to grab the fragmented attention of today’s discriminating consumers. Yet, interest in a product is only the first step. Nectar strives to create products that consumers will buy, enjoy, and recommend, because they perform the way consumers want and need.